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Poem - Daughter of the Fox and Flame

This is the first poem I've written that directly pertains to my upcoming novel series, "The Graethean Chronicles". The term "Fox and Flame" pertains to the sigil of the noble elven house, Felethien of which one of my favorite supporting, but no less important, characters hails. There are a lot of "Easter eggs" in this poem but of course you'll have to read the books to know what they are! I hope you enjoy this little poem.

In the embrace of song,

you await

The living flame dances,

reaching, yearning to fly

before you

Shame marks you,

but you feel it not

Daughter of the fox and flame,

pride marks you!

Destiny clings to you

in the way of a lover

It is your time,

oh daughter

The minds of the ancients,

bear down upon your own




Something new

and something of the past,

you are

Daughter of the fox and flame

Pray with the sword

and cut with your faith,

you will

Changer of fates,

and rider of the ancients

You are

You are

You are

Daughter of the fox and flame


Sit your rightful throne

upon the wings

of fate

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