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Poem: The Blood of Heroes

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

A new poem about the main character of "Touch of the Eternal", Samien Jin and some references to "Divided Together". Enjoy!


The blood of heroes,

flows within you

Formed through love

and strife

She called,

and was answered

He called you by name,

through the mouth of His daughter,

Within the womb

lightning and fire

was your baptism

The Power was your nursemaid

Ridiculed and hated

you endured

His touch,

His call,

His sword,

is your mark

and your burden,

beloved of the heavens

Even a mother's wish,

cannot unfetter you

from his pull



Ever forward

you tread

on your path

The path

laid before you

The path made for you

The path for a sword

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