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"Divided Together is an amazing ride of unique, brave characters who grab you from the start. Walking the story in 'their shoes', I felt their pain, pride, and love. J. James Adler is a storyteller of wonder and a creative world I want to know more! I highly recommend this fantasy."


“This story sucks you in immediately and goes fast. I need more. The author is very talented. The descriptions bring vivid images to mind and are not drawn out needlessly. I see so much more in my mind without heavy worded descriptions. Thanks and can’t wait for more."

- T. Weaver

"A great story with engaging characters. I can’t wait to dive into this universe and learn more! I want to know more about this world."

- Anonymous

"I started this book today with high hopes and they were blown out of the water!!!! I now have a new top 10 fantasy author!!! This is the best fantasy I have read in a while and I have read a lot. Thank you Sir and keep up the great works!!!!"

- F. Ferris

If you’re a fan of fantasy that’s full of elements of myth, you won’t be disappointed reading Divided Together. In such a short space, J. James Adler’s compelling description places you in the centre of his world which is under the duress of war.

As your own subconscious mind opens to the main character’s healing abilities, you’ll see that Adler’s writing is not only captivating but rather imaginative.

Cannot wait for the next book to read what happens next for Shavanti!

- S. Yvette

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